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Communication is the key to establishing partnerships. At the same time, it is what enables the formation of different media so that such societies can transmit their messages.

Messages that traveled through books and newspapers. Then they went on the radio and on television, not to mention some other formats that existed in between, to finally reach the internet.



Today, the internet seems to be able to act as the press, radio, and, above all, television. Well, this is because it started to produce and disseminate informative, educational, and entertainment content capable of attracting different types of audiences.

In addition to this, the internet has the intention of adapting to man’s need to build communities, even if they were digital. From there to the emergence of social networks. Among such networks we find Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. Each one of them appearing at an indicated moment of the communication revolution and with a characteristic capable of acting as the traditional means of communication. With the advantage that they expand in greater quantities and faster.

For this occasion, we will take care of learning more about it on one of these networks: YOUTUB

About YouTube

YouTube came to compete with television. With the one who seemed to be the queen and pioneer of communication with moving images. The incomparable one, the one with the highest numbers, the one with the perfect campaigns.

Nowadays, new consumers are being trained with moving images more than with texts or other informational resources. In addition, they are in the search for media and platforms that allow interaction and two-way communication, in which they can not only express their opinion, but also produce and be commented on.

That’s right then, if you are interested in knowing how to be part of a new generation of consumers, continue reading this article in which we will talk about YouTube and marketing.

What is YouTube 

YouTube created on February 15, 2005 in California by designer Steven Chen and engineers Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim, three former Paypal employees.

It is a website that serves as a platform where users have the ability to upload and share videos. It has a great variety in the themes and formats of such videos, ranging from movie clips, television shows, video blogs, music videos, among many others.

YouTube, the communication platform:

Television has been, by the end of the last century and a large part of it, the preferred medium for information and communication. Its potential was due to the great distances that it managed to cover and the faith that people deposit in the veracity of what was imparted. However, television today is a priceless medium, only large companies manage to meet the costs requested by communication through this medium.

Fortunately, the internet brought the possibility of communication to perhaps higher levels than television, with costs that are cut in half, to a third, to a fifth, sometimes to zero sums of money.

What did you achieve with this?

That people take the voice of the information. Now it is the user who has the power. Today, with technology increasingly accessible, people have the ability to overwhelm the entire world with what they have to say, regardless of formats, because nothing is a limit anymore.

Therefore, YouTube from its inception was raised as a space that allows people precisely to be creators of their own content. And so much was its rise and attraction that brands were soon willing to be part of it as well.

Communication platform for Brands:

In 2007, advertising videos began to abound on the platform. Videos that took 15 to 30 seconds and others in pop up style for companies that were requesting them.

That’s right, YouTube has managed to transcend from the publication of videos without apparent promotion, to being a totally necessary platform for commercial communication.

A special site for artists, politicians and companies:

It is the platform that promotes the most innovative and viral campaigns, thanks to the touch of history and / or story that is implanted in the videos.

We cannot forget that consumers nowadays are attracted by brands and by communications that seek to envelop them and give them experiences and positive impacts to their satisfaction, not only of consumption but also of information.

There is another reason why YouTube manages to establish itself in the head of the consumer and the success of communication, and that is that it is available for mobile playback. Image and interactivity are essential in establishing links. YouTube is a great social network, which achieves the indispensable interaction between image, creativity, story and quality, to achieve virality and participation.

Now too, we went from calling it a video platform, to a video marketing platform.

Brands on YouTube:

Video marketing is a crucial tool for business marketing strategies. People access all kinds of information, and as for the videos, they only
establish the favorite content to be consumed by the new generations.

Here are a couple of brands that have appropriated YouTube communication:-


PlayStation is the leading video game console in the world market and its YouTube channel is considered one of the best.

play station
Figure: Play Station

Therefore, it is a good place to learn how to do YouTube marketing. It has more than 3,000 videos available and approximately 4 million followers eager for game tips, reviews and other fair information that the public wants to receive. That they are large companies with huge budgets does not mean that we, with our businesses afloat, cannot carry out something like this. Conversely! What really costs and counts is creativity.

Why use YouTube in your marketing plan?

Videos have become a very effective resource in the online environment, they are so fundamental now that they contribute to the optimal SEO positioning. Meaning:-

  • Greater chances of appearing among the first results.
  • Easier for your content to be shared.
  • Lower content abandonment rate = longer watch time.
  • Generate engagement.
  • Also remembrance.
  • Large sources of traffic.
  • Greater possibilities of linking to the direct sale of products

Also With interesting videos on YouTube, you can get the attention of your target audience. You can use in them:

  • Practical tips
  • Conferences
  • Talks
  • Creative videos that fulfill an explanatory function

Having a YouTube marketing strategy has been shown to bring large amounts of leads to your business.

On the other hand, videos are more dynamic content than a blog or even other social networks. And, by providing higher levels of user satisfaction, the result will translate into a positive feeling towards the brand and ultimately, in economic benefit for the company.

Marketing on YouTube is surely the best way to differentiate yourself from your competition today. Receive free visits from the second largest search engine and, in addition, take advantage of the relationship between YouTube and Google to be able to appear in excellent positions with your videos, in Google’s results.

Before throwing you:

It is very tempting to use YouTube certainly, but before that, let’s put our feet on the ground!

Like any strategy, it requires prior questions and detailed planning. We must, as a first step, clarify ideas and be clear about the objectives that we would aim to achieve with an audiovisual campaign.

Keep in mind that not all businesses obtain the same results when uploading a video to the platform. The first thing is to analyze if the activity carried out by the company can be shown through images. Well, you can’t always.

Then, you have to think about the following points:

  • How to know if I need a YouTube account
  • As mentioned, the answer depends on the type of business we have, the content we want to build, the objectives and our audience. Not to mention budgets, future plans, time capacity, among others.
  • Keep in mind, too, that people go to YouTube to see the videos they like. That is, they do not seek advertising or commercial information.
  • This implies that to be successful on the platform with our brands, we must follow the behavior guidelines of the audience. Only content that offers the right dose of information and entertainment will allow us to increase our reputation.
  • On the other hand, if the content we want to disseminate is very specific, it is better that we choose not to have a presence on YouTube, since we will not achieve a large number of followers.

Therefore, let’s ask ourselves, would people watch the videos related to our industrial? Does my business have ways to instruct and entertain my user from videos? If so, we should definitely be part of the platform.

Budget and video equipment:

This point is one of the biggest concerns when deciding to start being part of a video platform like YouTube. It is worrying because we think about how much money we will need to invest to have good equipment. Previously it was complicated and very expensive to launch a marketing strategy with videos.

However, good news! There is no need for large budgets, as technological advances have made production costs vastly cheaper.

Video cameras are cheap and if you carry a latest generation Smartphone, it is very likely that you can produce HD videos with your mobile!

As you can see, there is no need to complicate things if you still do not have enough money to generate a whole video team; yes, it is essential to have a clear, original and interesting message to convey. Also knowing how to promote it to reach good numbers of audiences.

Needs of my audience:

This is perhaps one of the most important points. Who is the person you would address with the video?

Research your audience well. Would he be willing to spend his time watching your videos?

What kind of audience is it? It is not the same to send a message to new customers than to regular users of the brand.

Define objectives to be carried out with respect to this.

That being the case… It’s time to create an account! Once you’ve cleared the affirmations filter, it’s time to create an account!

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