Most Powerful 06 (Six) YouTube Channel Category, 2023

In the Era of 2023, YouTube is playing a big role. Because YouTube is the second largest search engine in the online world. And YouTube is the best way to reach mass people, and also people can easily understand the content. Though YouTube is totally practical things if the content is not well structured or step by step process, the audience may not like your video or leave your channel. That’s why channel content and category selection are most important. 

Here I have discussed 06 (six) most powerful YouTube channel categories which are very popular and YouTube also gives monetization. 

1. Gaming

Gaming is one of most popular category in YouTube. You
don’t have to be a live streamer with a popular personality to make good earning from this channel.

You don’t need to involve being on screen and even talking to the audience. You could do a different video for each clasp or make assemblages of insane things you’ve done on computer games.

The most popular gaming channel:- Total Gaming

Total Gaming

2. Tutorials

The tutorial channel shows you how to make stuff. YouTube is the world’s most popular search engine. YouTube tutorials are designed to be intuitive, making it easier to follow and know if you’re doing the right thing. By watching YouTube videos we can learn step-by-step. You don’t necessarily
even need to explain anything or be on-screen. There are plenty of tutorials for 
how to create a YouTube Channel.


3. Instrumental

Everyone loves feel music. With instrumental music you can simply make your music and have a still picture, liveliness, or something different that doesn’t expect you to be in the video as your visual.

4. Cartoons

You remember Tom & Jerry, Tarzan, Thunder Cats then you can imagine how was the graze for them. If you’re a artistic and want to create characters and bring them to alive on
YouTube, you have to create your own cartoons.

Some of the most successful animated channels I’ve seen involve
parodies of video games, TV shows, movies, etc. For example Ricepirate.


cartoons animations

5. Family Vlog

This might sound crazy, but I have actually heard of introverts
being pretty successful with family vlog channels. One of them is the JHouseVlogs
an imperfect family working together towards a happy home filled with love and meaningful connections. He focus on learning, serving, and playing together as a family. We (Jeremy and Kendra) have 5 little kids.


family vlog

6. Technology (Reviews & Unboxing)

Now a days everyone tries to look at the first impression from YouTube before purchasing any gadget. That’s the reason you can create a review channel for your own. In the 2023 era, everyone engages themselves with technology-based gadgets like mobile phones, laptop, digital cameras, smart watches, etc.

When new devices are launched in the market, technology lovers are finding their benefits from the device and share it with others or companies. The most popular Mobile review channel is Marques Brownlee.


review channel

You may also care to create Food related, Tours & Travel, Health, Social Awareness, Gardening, Shopping, Exercise, Fishing and many more concept available. But you have to decide which topic is suitable for you. And the resource is also important for a channel. 


You have created a channel like Gardening, but you haven’t any garden or option to shoot anything about gardening, then it is quite impossible to run or make a video for your channel. So, when you pick any subject which resources are available and you have experience with that topic then go with that Topic.


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