DPDC Electric Bill Preview and Payment Through online in Bangladesh

Why Online Service is Popular?

We lives in a Digital decade. And today’s digital method are very much popular in our social life. Because its save our time and boost up our productivity. In Bangladesh, once upon in a time utility bill payment system was very painful. Within a certain period we have to pay the bill through local bank. During the bill payment time we had to stand in a queue and one after another finish to pay their utility bill. Minimum five minutes take to finish each person transaction. If the queue has 50 person then the last person minimum had to wait 04 hours to pay their bill.

This is why people are interested to pay their utility bill through online, online banking, mobile banking apps etc. And now most of the Bank provide Debit/Credit Card service, by using these cards service you may pay your all kind of Utility Bill Payment ( if bill provider company having online service to take online payment). 

payment through online

Electric Bill Preview and Payment Through Online

eBill Preview:

Step 1

If you are a customer of the DPDC (Dhaka Power Distribution Company Ltd) then to view your  Monthly Electric Bill, please click on ebill. Just like below . . .

dpdc bill preview
Fig:01 To Preview Your Monthly Electric Bill

Step 2

Select Year, Month and Fill up the Customer Number and then press search button. The eBill copy is visible in front of you. There is a option for Downloading this Bill Copy. If any Customer want to save they can easy do by using download option.

sample electric bill
Fig:-02 Online Bill Copy

Online Bill Payment

Before starting online bill payment you have to determine which way you want to pay your utility bill. In the bill payment option you will get 03 ways payment system.

  1. Credit/Debit Card and Mobile Banking

  2. Internet Banking

  3. ekpay Service

payment services
Fig:-03 Payment Option for Online

Here we will discuss how to pay your utility bill through online by using Credit/Debit Card. Master or VISA you can use both card. So let’s see how can we use VISA Credit Card…

Step 1

For VISA Credit card we can select any of the payment gateway (DBBL gateway or Brack gateway). Here I am going to select first one DBBL gateway, then below input option will come.

payment gateway
Fig:04 Select DBBL Gateway


Step 2

Collect your customer number from your ebill or hard copy bill, just like below shown snap. And then input into the mention Customer no text box and press enter or click on Customer Bill Information button.

customer bill search
Fig:0 Input Customer No
Collect Customer No & Input
Fig:0 Collect Customer No & Input

Step 3

After entered confirmed Customer No the press enter button or Customer Bill Information you will view a Bill Payment Details. Just like below looks…

Customer No wise Bill Details
Fig: 0 Customer No wise Bill Details

Here you can see the last pay date of the bill, total bill amount etc. If you interested go ahead.

In the above photo there is a Card Payments option. What type of your card is or Paying your Bill by which type of card you have to confirm by select any option. You have to select from the above option, if you have no card like they have mentioned then you cannot pay your electric bill. So, ensure first that you have DBBL Nexus, master debit, VISA Debit, Rocket account, Nexus Pay or any others Bank VISA Card available.

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